World Vegan Day

As the concept veganism started to be mentioned in the world and the population considering to go vegan have increased in recent years, we are now informed about our environment and question what we can do as individuals. In fact the Vegan diet and lifestyle which has an impact since the 1900s, is celebrated every year around the world on November 1st.


What makes the World Vegan Day so special?

It is already a celebration for vegans to eat plant-based diet every day! On this special day, vegans honor their lifestyle and the reasons why they choose to adapt this lifestyle. Vegan day isn’t only for vegans, of course! Anyone who wants to try new things can join the events and experience wonderfully cooked, meatless tastes. You can attend various vegan workshops, informative seminars and increase awareness about sustainable living on this day.

Let’s Get to Know Vegans

vegan-worldvegandayWhen we look at the vegan lifestyle; we see that everyone embrace cruelty free concepts for food, clothing or cosmetics. It means all living creatures have the right to be born and live like us. In this way, we maintain the ecosystem in a balanced way and protect plants&animals with minimum carbon footprint.

I would like to mention that the consumption of any animal product, wearing or using animals as a test subject for various purposes is contrary to the moral values as well as it cause damages to natural life. The fact, people consume natural resources more than world can replenish seems to lead us to the scarcity of natural resources in the future. The thing is, agricultural products produced to feed animals have a serious impact on the greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere and cause environmental pollution during the production of animal based products.

In the future our water resources will be drained away, which is our source of life.

Should meat be consumed or not?

Another issue that has been discussed for years is the impact of meat on health. Some vegans talk about how they get the protein the body needs even though they don’t consume meat. They even feel more alive and healthy. According to various researches; consuming meat increases the possibilities of developing cancer and heart attacks. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) says, “A balanced vegan or vegetarian diet ensures that you get enough nutrition. However, it can cause vitamin B12, iron and vitamin D deficiency, ”. The choice is yours, you can become vegan by choosing a diet that maintains the balance of vitamins, proteins and minerals!